Canon PIXMA iP4000R Driver

image Canon PIXMA iP4000R Driver

This article will certainly discuss concerning Canon PIXMA iP4000R Driver and also the printer specs. A Pixma iP4000 with networking capabilities, the Pixma iP4000R is the smallest of the newly announced models. For its quick speed, large paper input capacity, practical twin paper trays, and respectable print quality, the Pixma iP4000 received respectable ratings.

We anticipate the iP4000R to perform similarly. The single feature that sets this printer from from its step-down counterpart is its capability for Ethernet, 802.11b, and 802.11g for practical home networking. Additionally, the iP4000R is priced quite reasonably, much like the Pixma iP4000.

Canon PIXMA iP4000R Driver Download

Although the Epson STYLUS PHOTO R800 and STYLUS PHOTO R320 both provide an 802.11g connection as an option, the PIXMA IP4000R is one of the few printers that comes with one as standard. Although the Pixma IP4000R lacks an LCD display and media card slots, it does include a direct-print port.

The IP4000R also features an Ethernet connector, however you cannot use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi to access the printer at the same time on the same network. Canon advises doing that by sharing it via a PC connected to its USB 1.1 port.

Compared to other full-size printers we have examined, the PIXMA IP4000R generated prints at a reasonable cost. Each 4″ × 6″ borderless print costs around 46 cents in ink and paper.

Canon PIXMA iP4000R Driver for OS MS. Windows, MAC and Linux

LinksOSSoftware Name
Windows 64bitPIXMA iP4000R Driver for Windows 64bit.exe
Windows 32bitPIXMA iP4000R Driver for Windows 32bit.exe

LinksOSSoftware Name
MacintoshPIXMA iP4000R Driver for MAC.dmg

LinksOSSoftware Name
LinuxPIXMA iP4000R Driver for linux.tar.gz

PIXMA iP4000R Specs

The iP4000 includes a built-in CD tray in addition to switchable dual paper trays, allowing you to print straight onto printable DVDs and CDs. It’s a fantastic feature that gives handmade discs a polished appearance. It would be wonderful if Canon updated the included CD labeling software, as it is a little dated.

There has a built-in duplex unit so you may print on both sides of a sheet of paper for those who are paper conservatives or environmentally conscious. However, you’ll need to use very thick paper because print-through can be a little problematic. The most of the time, the visual quality is really excellent.

The colors are vivid and bright, and the language is engaging and crisp. Although the offered printer profiles have a tendency to lean yellow, the test in black and white was outstanding. The results are decent overall, with only a minor amount of banding to mar the picture.

The download link is taken from the factory official site. If you find it is broken please let us know or you can download the PIXMA iP4000R driver at

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